We just went to court for custody modifications. This was done this month. In the new order the visitation is set up as: minor child will be with the defendant from the second Friday to the following Sunday (9 days) each month. In the summer months, defendant will receive two additional 7 day periods along with the scheduled visitation. Defendant will get four days after Christmas also." A new addition is going to be in the family in May and we want to redo child support then to get credit for the new child. When we calculate the number of days, is it considered a)Jan thru December or b) May thru May? The reason I am asking is because in January of this year we did not receive the 9 day period. That changes the number of days we will have the child from 126 if we go by the guidelines in the order to 121 days. This makes a significant difference in the amount of child support that would be paid.


Support should be based on the new schedule moving forward using 126 overnights as the custodial time.