Modify Child Support


Since my support payment was last set my income has gone up while the ex’s has gone down from a little over 2,000 to maybe 900 a month
I am currently paying for an extraordinary expense she is supposed to be
making from my support payment, she hasn’t had a full time job in 3 years
although she is capable of getting one.
I want to have my support payment modified by having the extraordinary
expense taken out since I’m now paying it but if it’s modified using her current income I’m going to get screwed.
How likely would a judge impute her income to calculate the amount?
She is a college grad and is clearly underemployed by choice.



You run the risk of increasing your child support payment if you move for a modification. Extraordinary expenses are private school tuition, transpiration between parents homes (if there is a large distance), and it is not guaranteed that these expenses will be factored in.
I can’t say for sure that a judge would impute income to your ex, that would depend on a myriad of factors, even if income was imputed you obligation still may go up based on your increase in income. You may want to work with the child support calculator to see where you could end up.