Motion for Contempt of Court

I need to file a motion for contempt of court for the attorneys fees and alimony awarded me in a prior court order in Forsyth county. None of the money has been paid to me. How can I do this without an attorney? Also, how can I enforce the payments once the judgement is granted?

To file for contempt, you have to file a motion, submit it to a judge for entry of the order to appear and show cause, calendar the hearing, and serve the opposing party. You may be able to find sample documents, but if you want assistance without full representation, you should consider using Rosen Online. With Rosen Online, you can obtain assistance with forms and answers to your questions for a monthly subscription fee.

If the opposing party has not been paying the amounts payable under the court order, you can argue that you need garnishment or other means in place to obtain continued compliance.