Motion to compel discovery

I have filed a motion to compel discovery to get the severance pay information and I have also sent a subpoena to his former employer. My ex has filed motion to quash the subpoena. Our court date is in 3 weeks. What will the judge do in this circumstance? Will my ex be ordered to give information about severance pay on the day of the hearing or will the judge deny his motion to quash and reschedule another court date when the information about severance pay is received from the employer?

The records must be produced unless and until there is a ruling on the motion to quash. I do not know how the judge will rule on the motion, or if he will reschedule the court date based on that decision.

Thanks so much for your help with everything. Just making sure I understand about the motion to quash subpoenas:

Does the filing of a motion to quash subpoenas mean the records will still be sent to the courthouse but I cannot pick them up until a ruling is made? I did request that some be mailed to me - Can they still be mailed to me in the meantime as well?

Yes and yes.