Motion to modify

My divorce was finalized in July 2013 in Onslow County, NC. My ex-wife and my three children live in North Carolina, and I live in Tennessee. DSS is handling my support case (which I am current). Recently I have been offered excellent health coverage through BCBST, which would be honored by BCBSNC for my kids per the insurance company representative. The cost is $300 per month for JUST their portion of the premiums. DSS has contacted me previously and wants me to provide private health coverage if I can afford it. Based on the support I am paying now, that is impossible, and as a result my children are on Medicaid through North Carolina. However, if I am allowed to modify my support order, I can easily afford it. The question is…if I elect to pay for the coverage, I’m locked in; what is the chance that I will be allowed to file a motion to modify if I haven’t reached the three-year review mark? Thank you so much for your advice.

In order to modify the existing child support order (prior to the three year mark), you will need to show a substantial change in circumstances. To learn more about that process check out our article:how to modify child support.