Move back in

My wife left 9 months ago on her own free will. (no kids) We have had NO contact since then, but she told today that she will be moving back to the house next week. Her name is still on the mortgage because I have to wait until one year to file for divorce. My question is: Do I have to let her move back in? When she left she took everything, all the furniture, bedroom suites and bought herself a small trailer. Do I have to let her move in just because her name is on the mortage (I have always paid it)

I had the same thing with my husband. Once she removed her stuff and got another place, she abandoned the home. she can’t come back, its domestic criminal trespassing. You are free to change the locks and all. If she pushes it, you can have her arrested for DCT. I did it with my ex.

Thank you so much, I feel much better

No, you do not have to let her move back in. She has effectively abandoned the marital residence already and you do not have to agree to her returning. If you haven’t done so already, you can change the locks.