Husband moved out of state

My husband moved out of state recently. Our home mortgage is in his name only. Our two boys and I still live at the residence. I was just wondering if he decided to come back to this state would he have the legal right to move back into this house since it is in his name or after a certain period of time does he give up that right. He is not paying any of the bills or even child support yet. He has been gone 30+ days now. Thank you.

If he moved out of the marital residence then he could be charged with domestic trespass if he returns without your permission.

Do I legally have the right to change the locks? We have no custody arrangement yet but he moved and left the kids, does that give me temporary custody? Also since he is not paying anything to us yet, do I have the legal right to have a roomate move in to help with the bills? He is the only name on the mortgage. Would I be in my legal rights to call the cops if he showed back up and insisted on entering? Thank you!