Husband moved out, now wants back in?

My soon to be ex husband moved out almost a month ago and on the advice of my attorney I had the locks changed. The home we live in is not in either of our names, it’s owned by my parents. Today he showed up without warning and I refused to let him in the house. He tried to force his way in, and I called the police. They were told that we were separated and one of the police officers said that if “he returned to the home and kicked the door down, there would be nothing they could do”. Is that true? How can I keep him from coming around if he has been repeatedly warned and the locks have been changed? I don’t want him to be arrested, because if he is, he will lose his job which affects my child support.

If he now maintains a new residence, he does not have a right to come back to the marital home. It is considered criminal domestic trespass, and you could have him arrested, but if you don’t want to have him arrested, your ability to keep him out of the house is limited. If you have concerns for your safety, you could also file for a protective order.