I’ve been separated for 15 months. I filed for child support 6 month ago but still have not been granted a judgement or hearing. We agreed that my husband has our son every other weekend - however he doesnt always pick him up on the weekends he’s suppose to. My husband has not offered any financial help. We both have moved on and are living with other people. My boyfriend has been offered a job oppurtunity in another state that pays much more than I make now. Can my husband prevent us from moving when he isn’t even providing basic support for our son.

I am not a lawyer but have been dealing with the system for quite some time now. He absolutely can and should prevent that move. Him not paying support has nothing to do with custody and visitation. You aren’t even married to this guy and that would further weaken your case. In the slim chance you are granted a move, be prepared to pay for travel costs related to visitation.

He could go to court to try to prevent you from moving your child, and there would be a hearing on the issue. That said, you are free to leave NC if there no pending child custody case, or order, to keep you here.