If my ex-wife has primary custody of our children, is there anything I can do to prevent my ex-wife from moving out of state with the children?

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I have the same question except that my daughter has SOLE and physical custody of her children there in NC. Her husband, from whom she is separated, has been awarded limited visitation with the children and he resides in the same city. My daughter has been looking for work in her field for months, but apparently daytime positions are hard to come by right now in her city. Due to legal reasons, her husband is currently unable to keep the children so that she can work evening/nights in order to contribute to the well being of the children and she is now in a serious financial rut.

Would it be likely that her husband can prevent her from relocating back here to our hometown where she will have family, a support system to help with the children, resources, and employment (her former employer has informed her that her previous position is available) in order to provide the children’s needs? She has expressed that she doesn’t believe reconciliation with her husband will happen, although it has not been discussed.

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A parent that has primary custody of the children may not move with the children without the permission of the other parent if the move impedes that parent’s visitation.

Is it unheard of for the courts to rule otherwise (in favor of the primary custodial parent) under extenuating circumstances so long as its in the best interests if the children?

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It is not unheard of, however the courts tend to rule in such manner as to allow the children to be able to spend time with both of their parents.