Moved out


What if my wife got most of her belongings and moved to her son place for awhile. Can I change the locks? She got all her food some things. Can I change the locks?


If your wife voluntarily moved out of the home you may change the locks You cannot change the locks unless and until she leaves the home with the intention of living elsewhere.


My father passed away, and she is afraid to stay in house. Plus she got in a car reck and has lived there since the 3rd of September. What is the time limit being out of the house that I can change the locks?


There is no specific time limit for how long the spouse needs to be gone from the marital home. It is all about what you think her intent was when she left the home. If you believe she left with the intention of not returning, then you can change the locks. She has been gone 9 days, so I would say you can at this point.