Moving out of State

I had a consent order signed last week. I will have primary custody with husband having visitation on a temporary basis. I would like to move of of the state because I have no family here and I am disabled. Do I need to request to move from the court? Since my husband is active duty military and is deployed and gone at least 1 week per month, will the judge require me to stay in the state? How long does it take to get approval? I have another court hearing at the end of July but it is for PSS, Inter Distr and attorney fees. Can I request the move at that time?

If your move makes your husband’s visitation impractical you cannot move without his permission. If he does not agree to the move, you will have to get permission from the court by filing a motion to modify custody. Relocation cases can be difficult as the court strives to keep the children in contact with both of their parents.

Once filed, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for the court to hear your case, depending on the docket in your county.