Moving out of state

My husband recently moved out of the mariatal home. He has retained a lawyer to work amicably through a separation agreement.
I have been a stay at home mom since 2002 and have been looking for a job since we discussed separation and divorce.
We have 2 minor children and I have a job opportunity in another state. If we agree to custody, relocation of children to another state, child support, and parental visitation through our separation agreement, what would be the next step after signing the separation agreement?

One thing that you want to make sure your agreement covers would be equitable distribution. ED would cover all marital property, including all debts and assets. If you don’t own a house or have a lot of debts, then you may not need to worry about ED in your case. If he is agreeing to let you move out of the state with the children, definitely make sure that is outlined clearly in the SA. You don’t want to have to worry about later on him trying to force you and the kids back to NC through an emergency custody action. If you are satisfied with ED and the agreement specifies you can relocate out of state with the children, then the next step after executing the SA would be to make sure the divorce complaint is filed after the separation period is up.