In a moving out of state case, when a parent has primary custody, if the judge doesn’t allow a move. Does that result in a custody change or will the judge order the primary parent to remain in the state?
Is moving a change in circumstances to modify custody?


The judge can’t keep the parent from moving, but the judge could order the child to remain in NC with their other parent. One parent moving out of state could be a change in circumstance to warrant a modification.


what happens if the other parent can’t assume custody because of frequently travel across the country? That will cause a disruption in school schedules.
Will the judge allow the move if the other parent has been raising the child since birth and is a good parent?


The answer to this question likely requires details that are beyond the scope of this forum. Arrangements could be made for the child while the parent travels to avoid a disruption to the child’s school schedule. The judge will make the decision he feels is in the best interest of the child.