If two parents have been sharing custody of a minor child, nothing through the courts just an agreement. Can the mother move out of state with the child if awarded physical custody because of her current husband job transfer?

If the other parent does not agree to the move he/she should file an action for custody to prevent the move.

We are currently involved in a custody case to obtain full custody so that the child stays in nc with his father. “if” she does win custody can she move with out the father agreeing to the move. He will never agree to the move!

If the court grants her primary custody and allows the move, she may go with the child.

Can we sue the courts if the mother is awared custody and something heaven forbid happens to the child after the move.

No, the courts cannot be sued.

We are so fearful that she or her husband will be abusive to the child and the courts are not listening to our concerns her husband has left a mark which we did not document 2 years ago. The school did not report either. At the time we felt that it was a one time incident. The child is fearful of the new husband

We are at our wits in fearing the worse