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Dear xmedwife:

Greetings. I have one idea, which is slightly radical…what about “associating” another firm from a different county to advise on the status of your case and to “collaborate” with your attorney?

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Thank you so much for responding. Yes, it is true I will pay well over l00,000 before this thing is over. I have also paid 22,000 in expert fees under the guidance of my attorney. To be honest, my attorney has done little for me. He wouldn’t file an alienation of affection suit. He refused to let me do anything about a notary issue involving my ex-husband when he took all the marital funds away from me in June of 2002. I have a letter from the Secretary of State indicating that my ex husband and his nurse illegally notarized papers taking marital funds away from me. My attorney did not prepare me for the hearing in Feb. of 2003. My attorney advised me not to “trash” my ex during the custody evaluation in which it was decided one week on and one week off. I tried desperately to fight the custody issue, but to no avail. My son is now 10 and for over two years, he was shuttled back and forth with the weeks being all split up courtesy of the judge I am assigned to–since the date of separation. I don’t seem to be able to get anything out of this at all except the big bills.

To date, I have paid my attorney 65,000 with a bill due for 40,000. I have had much difficulty getting information out of my attorney. For the record, ex husband makes over 20,000 a month. The judge set my PSS at 3550 and child support at 2750. When the issue of reduction of PSS arose, my attorney informed me the judge would probably reduce it and had the number—2160. During the marriage, husband saved 80% of his salary. I have sent my attorney case law that demonstrates savings can well be considered in the standard of living, but he says that it cannot–that alimony is based on need. He also told me that I needed to work! My salary is nothing near what my ex-husband makes. I have it figured that I will be lucky to get 40,000 a year out of this when all is said and done. Please. Is there anything at all I can do at this stage? I have had nothing but terrible luck with attorneys! I fired one that I had because he badgered me into a contingency contract for 7% of the estate. I went to the one I have now in the hopes that I would not have to pay that kind of money, but this has been worse. I just feel so victimized and I don’t have any money or I won’t when I pay these bills. Do I have any recourse at all? I don’t have any faith in this judge. My attorney has written him two letters about counsel fees, but no attorney in his right mind would turn in the fact that he has charged me over 100,000! I know if the judge does award any fees, they will be minimal and I’m sure not counting on it. All I wanted was a fair divorce, but I don’t feel like I am going to come out of this in very good shape. It’s not a tremendous estate. It’s better than most people, but I’m spending a large percentage of my estate on fees. This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through. I only want what is right and fair out of this, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I just do not understand. Thank you for any advice or suggestions you can give me. I am open to anything at this point. Thank you.