NC CSE past due payment


I have child support ordered as a garnishment from my ex’s paycheck. He pays twice a month (usually) —splitting the total montly support in half. No problem there. Last month the payment was issued in one lump sum at the END of the month. No real problem other than putting my usual budget in a little wack.

LAST month, there was only one payment at the end of the month for 1/2 the ordered support. So, the site shows him owing $ x.xx. The new month (July) shows the total amount owed for ‘this period’ and $x.xx owed for last period.

My question is…now that he is behind, are future payments applied toward his ‘past due’ payment or to his ‘current period’ obligation period? I’m just wondering if the CSE will call him on his past due amount. If future payments are applied toward past due…I can see how he’ll be perpetually ‘owing’…but always sliding out of the ‘past 30 days’ owed.

I have a feeling he is not having his support garnished…and he’s paying it on his own. This recent payment schedule is very familiar (pre-court ordered garnishment). I don’t see why a P/R department of a company would get behind like that. I dont know what my recourse is.


I suggest you contact CSE first to determine why his payments are not being withheld from his wages as ordered. The next step to inform your case manager that he is behind and to apply any arrearages to the past due amount.



That is true. As long as it doesn’t show him being a full month beyond he can slide right through the court system.