NC ED First Then Custody Agreement


It would be strategically beneficial if I could have my wife sign ED portion of separation agreement
first and then negotiate custody and support latter. Can we do that? Sign ED portion first and then
sign Custody Child Support later without Custody Child Support agreement reopening ED agreement terms?


Yes, you can agree to a property settlement at any time after separating ( or contemporaneously upon separation) and negotiate custody at anytime thereafter.


Can we sign a E/D agreement first and then sign custody/child support later?
What I need to make sure of is that negotiating custody/child support later will in no
way affect E/D agreement.

Great that I can secretly get pre-info before I retain you folks.



Yes, you can execute an agreement on ED first, and child support and custody later, there is nothing that needs to be done to ensure that you do so, and child support and child custody will not affect a previously executed agreement on property distribution and/ or spousal support.