NC Law for items that child support can pay for


Dear katze:

Greetings. Answer 1: No, the law does not enable you to obtain any type of summary on what your spouse spent the funds on.

Answer 2: No, the statutory law in North Carolina does not specify what child support money can and cannot be spent on. I think that it would go without saying the money should not be spent on drugs, etc., but the parent is parent receiving child support is free to use the funds in any part of their budge they choose as long as the child’s needs are cared for. Best of luck.

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The purpose of my email is to find the answers to two questions on the subject of child support.

Background: My ex-spouse receives $1,500.00 per month for child support. The breakout of this amount is $750.00 per child. The ages of the children are 10 and 8.

Question 1: Does NC law state that I have a right to request a monthly summary of how my ex-spouse is spending the child support money?

Question 2: Does NC law state what child support money can and cannot be spent on?

Eric P. Katz