Need advice please

In a bit of a bind and need some ideas on how to proceed. Separated from my wife for 4 months now. i had custody of child while she moved to another state to live. child has been in my hands for her entire life so far. wife would not sign sep papers nor make any decisions about what to do for the child’s life. i allowed this to continue and she occasionally (1 time a month) comes down to visit her daughter and take her for the weekend. She has no taken her without telling me otherwise back to her home state. She has not left me with a usable address nor a phone number of anyone possible to get in contact with her. What do i do? what is the most appropriate next step? and have i put myself in a bad bind to completely lose my daughter? thanks in advance for any support here

You need to file an action for child custody immediately. Based on the facts you describe you may even be able to obtain an emergency court order for the immediate return of your child. I suggest you meet with an attorney immediately to get the ball rolling.