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Oh and keep the passport and bank statement or at least copies



I thought a qualified attorney would respond to topics in this forum? Is this not true?


Obviously not.


I am 36yr old male remarried with 2 children by my wife and 2 more I have custody of by my 1st wife. My wife is an illegal immigrant with a deportation order in effect. ( I am a citizen)It seems there is also an issue with a baby she brought into the country when she was caught at the border. So far all lawyers are saying that it looks more like a child smuggling issue as well. (She claims she has no idea where this baby is) I have also recently discovered an old passport that shows she is married in her native country. Well when we got married she claims she was never married. I have also found a recent bank statement she has in her maden name with a nice chunck of money in it. When approached by both these latest 2 issues she gets mad and basically refuses to talk about it. I have tried to talk to her but am now very suspicious. I have talked about seperating but she says if I do she will remove our 2 children from the country. I am uncertain as how to handle this mess I am in. Any help would be appreciated.