Child custody against an immigrant

I have a child by an illegal immigrant. I have no rights to the child at all. He’s 6 months old and i have never met or held him before because my X won’t let me. And she won’t allow me to be on the birth certificate. I’m currently married and in the army. Because of that she won’t let me be in my sons life. When she had him I was in basic training. After I got out I have tried everything except court to get in my sons life nothing has worked. I plan on taking her to court to gain custody of my son. I have messages from her threatening me and my wife and her telling me she will never let me in his life because i’m married. She told me that my son doesn’t have insurance and that shes not working to take care of him she rely’s on her boyfriend to take care of him. She stays home with him everyday but thats it. On my end I have can take care of him completely I have my own house and car and a job. And if he was with me he would have a full family care plan with insurance. I’m only 19 and I need as much help and advice i can get. Not seeing or having any rights to my son is taking a toll on me.

I read your problem & this comes under common law in USA. You need to talk your son also need a good advisor to discuss this problem. I know an organization who will really help you.