Need atty, Forsyth County-HELP

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Well, it has been 3 years now that I have given my wife a chance to commit to our marriage (financially and emotionally and physically). She has refused to talk with me ( communication is so important) and I suspect she may have commited adultry ( but could not prove) …She came into the marriage with nothing, I had a house and personal property , cars etc… she make 1/3 the salary I do but does not contribute in the marriage financially ( whats hers is hers, what is mine is hers too)…We have no children , I am 40 something, she is 50 something and we have been married 8.5 yrs… I am now at that point where I have to do something. I need a good attorney who will protect my seperate property from my spouse. I would pefer a Christian attorney . I am a Christian , and have no intention of sticking it to my wife. However, not sure if she would want to stick it to me. I want to be fair , give her rightful property that we accumulated during the marriage and such but I am very concerned she will try and take all that she wants. I got the name of 3 attorneys off this site but would like some personal suggestions… I am glad there is a forum…I feel very alone . I am at the very , very beginning of my decision to divorse. God hates divorse and my faith really has prevented me from going toward divorse sooner. It all seems so lost now…My heart tells me I have to go forward…Thank you…cjf