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Forsyth County:

Are attorneys allowed to keep child support payments to pay off your debt to them? I have fought for support since April 2002, with debt to attorney increasing due to continuing to go to court to obtain support. When support was finally paid the attorney kept every dime toward her bill. I have asked for a change in custody (we have the children under joint custody, week on week off)to allow me to have my children for holidays. The rotation gives him the children for Christmas and Thanksgiving, he also has rotation during both children’s birthdays. I can’t get help from my attorney, even though her bill decreased by nearly $1000. The title to my car has been in her office for 5 months, with nothing being done. He claims them on taxes every year, pays no support and I can’t get help from my own attorney. He has disobeyed every court order thus far, yet nothing is done to him. He told me when I left that he would never pay support and he was right. He has all of our marital property! Even family heirlooms of my family. He is disabled and continues to receive money to support me every month even though he has not supported me in a year and a half. Therefore he won’t file for divorce or he’ll lose that money. The benefits he receives for me each month and for our children is not used in determining support. Are there any attorneys in Forsyth County that will actually work for you? Mine won’t. Are there any investigators who specialize in hidden assets? Mine is a long story, but my finances limit what I can do. Are there any attorneys that will give a “second opinion” without charging an enormous fee? Thanks