I’ve been homemaker married 12 years one child. My husband left after he met someone.
I’m looking for advice about hiring an attorney along with any good or bad experiances in Alamance County. If you have a good one to reccomend that would be wonderful. I would love to have any help you are willing to give. If you have had a bad experiance and want to warn me to protect me from what happened to you would be great too. Please send me a message privately.
I am limited in funds since I was a homemaker and he was the one working. It really makes me nervous hearing about people who have paid high amounts and not getting results. I don’t have alot of money to play around with as I’m sure everyone doesn’t but hoped someone could recommend a great attorney that helped them without them being taken advantage of.
Any advice on questions to ask an attorney before hiring them so when I hire one they will not take advantage of me.


Please feel free to contact our client liaison for a referral in your area.
As a dependant spouse you may be entitled to have the court order your husband to pay a portion of your attorney’s fees.