I had the worst divorce attorney in the world. I submitted a 19 page complaint to the state bar against her. Now, I have to pay over half of my take-home pay for child support and back child support for my three children. And thanks to my attorney, I got stuck with all of the marital debt which includes a federal student loan which my ex-wife stole and used for her high priced attorney lawyer. I was left with no money which is the reason I ended up with the worst divorce attorney in the world. I have worked two jobs for the past two years to make ends meets. Now I am bouncing checks left and right. And even though, I was withholding only 1 for myself on my W-2s, I still owe the federal government $2700.00 because I have no deductions. I can’t claim any of my three children. I have asked my family for help but they don’t have any money. Now I have no idea what to do. I can not even afford to feed my children when they come over on my weekends. I have a friend who works for a bankruptcy law firm and she said that bankruptcy probably won’t help because it’s the child support and student loan that is killing me and they are not dischargable. Do you have any ideas what I can do? I am desparate!

If your income has been reduced since the entry of the Order you may attempt to file an action to modify child support.

How can I do that when I can not afford an attorney? I have no savings and I’m having trouble paying my monthly bills. I work two jobs and I make too much to get assistance from Legal Aid of NC.

You may file pro se (without an attorney). Many counties have self serve clinics which have forms and instructions to help guide you through the process.