Need help from an attorney but no money


Welcome to the world of “justice for all” (as long as you can pay upfront, cash or credit card accepted). If you’re willing to do some research and invest a little time you can probably do this on your own. However, if the other party has an attorney, you could get mauled in court. If the other party is somewhat reasonable, got to a staples or office depot and buy a “divorce kit”. Most of them will have links to your state and a generalized forms you can use. I filed my divorce this way. It cost me $140 compared to the $500 “low bid lawyer” where I live. With kids it can get a bit more complicated though. If nothing else, by doing it yourself, you’ll learn a whole lot more than you would want to know.


I need assistance in finding an attorney who will assist me in filing for child support and post-separation support but everyone wants $$$$$$. Found out two years ago that my husband had a drug abuse problem. Spent over a year trying to get him some help but he did not think that he had a problem. Wrecked our lives and the lives of our two kids. Was using drugs at our home and keeping it on the property. Finally, had to ask him to move which he did only after I threaten to have the sheriff remove him after he threatened to burn down the home with me and the kids in it. We were married 15 years and I was always home with our kids. Now we are his mercy financially. If I had the $1500 retainer that attorney wants I would use it to take care of my kids and pay the bill. I am an intelligent woman and can probably file the papers for a court date if I had some guidance. Any suggestions?