Where to find a good, inexpensive atty:

Dear Isabel:

Greetings. Please note that I do not know of any “cheap” lawyers … since we all went to law school and have to pay the bills for the same … there are no “discount law schools.”

What you want to do is hire an attorney where you can control how much you pay - get an attorney with a fixed fee versus an attorney that bills you hourly.

Also, IMMEDIATELY go to the Child Support Enforcement Agency and sign up for child support. You can deal with the remaining issues (like alimony and property distribution) after you start to get support from him - which they will take directly from his paycheck or his pocket, as the case may be. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
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I am seperated from my cheating husband, who keeps telling me he is going to give me money to help me out on some bills. Meanwhile I am taking care of our children without receiving any help from him at all. How do I go about getting Legal seperation papers drawn up, when I have very little income and he doesn’t help out. He was cheating on me and we split up, he is living on his own and so am I. He isn’t paying any child support or is he helping me out like he said he would. I can’t afford a lawyer and he is working making money under the table so I don’t know how much he is bringing in. Please any help would be appreciated greatly!