No money for attorney


Dear sad dad:

Greetings. You will not like my answer, but here it is - you should do everything you can to get your funds together, hire an attorney in NC, and fight her. Thank you.

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for 15 yrs.I made a good living self employed as a marine mechanic,which takes a few thousand dollars in tools to operate.I have three children,13,boy[from one of her affairs during our marriage][but i sure do love him]16,boy, make a long very sad story boyfriend showered my wife with lavish giftsand promises of more riches if she could give him her nice family.[year 2000].he sure could afford a good lawyer.well they did all the usual horrible things you can possibly do to a man. my children cried and fought their mother as the police came and dragged me from my home.i was now an abusor.he moved in ,even wore my clothes,and so the fight to survive began she locked up my work,my children and i had to sneak to get me some personal items out of the home that i could sell to fight the false accusations .i won [i have a spotless record].she disobeyed every court order and is never punished.i was given visitation but that made her boyfriend angry.he harrased me so much[i have police reports] that i fled to florida [where i am from] my wife knew how to get ahold of me ,apparently ,i have heard she claimed desertion and divorced me without my participation.4 yrs.later,Iam trying to run my business from a small 900.00 pickup truck slowly tring to buy tools.the lack of some tools limits your ability to do most jobs. fla child support demands 200.00 aweek to wfe and back support of 48,000,my dr.lic is suspended about avery 3 months 1,000 to her to get it is impossible to build this business again .god fobid if my truck breaks down.ex tells courts i make 2,400 aweek [yes, when we were married] i now am lucky to clear 300.00 a week i am renting a room in a home i am told i cannot prove my income unless i go to N.C.court. i heard i can be arrested if i walk into court romm owing any child support. what can i do? i have not spoken to my children in 4 yrs. so so so stressed.