Child support attorneys

Anyone know of any good Child support attorneys in the Winston Salem area that it wont end up costing me over 5,000 dollars to get whats right!? due to the fact that the forsyth county DSS is a JOKE and will not listen or help you in any way even when you tell them whats going on!

Thank yoU!

I know quite a few attorneys who deals with criminal cases, family issues, personal injuries, DWI attorney in Florida but not any child support attorney. I will get back to you soon as I find any.

Well you’r right there are many attorney are available for criminal case, political cases etc, but i have one best child attorney for you please find our Durrani Law Firm in Google they are providing child support attorney in Winston you can visit there office online and can got direction of office and meet there child attorney who will fully support you.
If you have any question feel free ask to me.