Need help on change of venue for family court case

My husband is in the marine corp. I had my daughter 3 months ago (almost 4) and he wasnt around for my pregnancy (left when he found out i was pregnant) Well hes only seen his daughter once or twice the entire time. Well i filed for child support in the county i live, always have lived in, and the county my daughter was born in, and always lived in. Well he hired an attorney and now all of a sudden wants joint custody of her because i filed for child support. Well he filed the custody case In the county HE lives which is 45 min. away from us and his attorney also managed to have the child support case moved to HIS county. I want to do a change of venue but i cant afford an attorney to do so as a single parent. Can someone please tell me how to go about a change of venue and do you think its worth doing a change of venue or just fight it in his county now??? Thank You.

It will likely be good for you to move to change venue since venue is most appropriate where the child resides the majority of the time. It’s a fairly simple motion, but you have to learn how to draft it, calendar it, and notice it for hearing. You should consider utilitizing Rosen Online where we can assist with forms for a monthly subscription fee.