I have heard that in Wake Cty NC you can be charged with neglect for something as innocent as licking your child’s face…

It is an unfortunate but ACTUAL case ; hence I’m thinking that 2nd and 3rd degree burns would definately be a case.

I would weight the possibility of any real future danger with the inevitable outcome of an investigation which will impact your entire family for many years to come.

My youngest son was at his father’s house this past weekend, On sat. he was injured in a dirt bike accident, he currently has second and third degree burns on one of his legs, He is 11, and his father took the muffler guard off of his DB, and let him ride it in shorts, When he was burnt he didnt even take him to the DR, I did as soon as I got him on monday, Is there anyway I have a case of neglect out of this? Please let me know.

Marsha B Stanley