Non - Payment of Equitable Distribution

I have an Equitable Distribution Order that states that my ex husband is to pay me a monthly amount of money until the balance is paid off. He currently is approximately 9 months behind and is not making payments. He has only paid maybe $250 of the total so far. I contacted the Union County Courthouse to find out what I could do and they said “hire an attorney” because there is no “fill in the blank form” for me to fill out and file with the courts.

Is this really true?? if I could afford an attorney, I wouldn’t care about these E.D. payments. So is this the case … that I have no avenue of recourse and he is not held liable for NOT making the court-ordered payments???

You will need to file a motion requesting that he be held in contempt. You can do this either through a motion for contempt or motion for order to appear and show cause. Rosen Online is a good resource in situations such as this because we can answer more detailed questions for you and provide you with forms for a monthly fee.