Non-Payment Of Equitable Distribution

Court order states the ex is to pay me $50/month starting April 1 until the equitable distribution is paid off. Of course he’s three months behind in child support but the state is dealing with that. What form do I need to fill out and take to the courthouse to file in order to take him to court for non-payment of the equitable distribution? I send him an email outlining everything that he owes me every two weeks and he has informed me that I am harassing him. So if he thinks I’m harassing him, then I will simply leave it in the hands of the court.

What is my best course of action? Thanks.

You need to file a motion for order to appear and show cause. Depending upon the county in which the case is pending, your county may have a form motion that you can find in their local forms on If you need assistance, you should consider using Rosen Online.