Not paying obligations under schedule B


If you go to court you can ask for your ex to be held in contempt for not paying his share of the extra expenses, however these expenses cannot be paid via wage withholding; only monthly child support can be deducted this way.

Since the different child support worksheets are based on custodial time you will not be switched to a worksheet A due to your ex


I have my kids about 2/3 of the time which means we are on schedule B. The basic child support obligation is taken out of his pay but he is not always paying his share of things like haircuts, school lunches, etc. He will not allow anything he buys for the kids to come into my home, even to the point of making them wear the same clothes two days in a row at school the nights he haves them so any clothes he buys will stay in his home.

He was found to be in contempt for not paying his share of their summer camp fees about a year ago. He was ordered to pay me those fees within 3 months which he did not do. After the 3 months passed I told him I was taking him back to court at which point he finally paid me.

So there is a history of his consistently not making a good faith effort to meet is obligations.
He has remarried and his new wife has money and supports him which allows him to work part time while maintaining a high lifestyle for himself. However, hence his income is low my child support basic obligation is only $30/month for two kids. So I’m very frustrated because I already pay almost all of the expenses for our kids and yet can’t get him to pay $20 for his share of their school lunch money.

If I go to court the amount of money he has not paid is small so it seems silly but at the same time I feel it unfair I have to cover $20 here or $30 there of his expenses.

So here is my question, if I go to court what can I ask for? Can I ask the judge to put him on Schedule A - where I pay these small expenses myself and it comes out of his paycheck? Is there anything else I can do other than take him to court every time he refuses to pay these small amounts?

Thank you for your time.