Not paying full amt of childsupport

My ex has decided to take it upon himself to deduct money from my childsupport. It was arranged not to go through the friend of the court. My atty felt this was not necessary. Now he deducted $400 from May’s check. My atty called is atty, scheduled a day in court about this (and numerous other reasons), then he turned right around and did it again the next mont. Took out alomst $200. Since then, he as let his atty go and is seeking new counsel. In the meantime, I suffer for his arrogance and stupidity. July will be short also, guaranteed. He said he is taking it out because I owe him money for our daughters medical bill (which I do.) I have not paid because he owes me money for tutoring, which far exceeds the amount I owe him. He continually breaks judges orders. We have a specific judge assigned to our case because it is so complicated and we are in court so much. Can’ he just do this? What can I expect? My atty said we will hold him in contempt…which he as been numerous times and nothing seems to happen. Any words of advice?

You need to file a motion to have him held in contempt and seek that support be paid via a wage withholding order and go through centralized collections.