Deduct from Child Support


go back to court you will be the bad guy if you don’t …

Disbelief in the system


Don’t pay the 25% that she owes. if a bill comes in for 100 dollars your write your check for 75 and enclose a note to the doctor on where to get the rest. I know that does not help with perscriptions but its a start. DO NOT PAY HER LESS per month or you will get BIT in the ASS.



I would like to hear from an attorney on this as well. If I can’t deduct it from CS, can I take her to small claims court for breach of contract?


Dear trosier:

Greetings. No, you cannot deduct things from child support. Send her a letter, detailing exactly what she owes and give her a deadline to pay you. Then, if she does not pay by the deadline, send another letter and threaten a breach of contract action against her. Then, if she still doesn’t pay, follow through! Doesn’t your agreement have the provision that forces the violator to pay the attorney fees? Good luck. Thank you.

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I currently pay child support and we have legal agreements in place for us to share the children’s uninsured health care costs 75/25 with me paying 75%. However, she does not reimburse me for her percentage, the 25%. Can I deduct this amount from child support with supporting documentation (medical/dental receipts)? I relize I could take her back to court, but it’s difficult to justify going back to court paying a lawyer $2000 to gain $500-$800.