Child Support Deductions

My X is deducting what he thinks I owe for child medical bills. I disagree with the amount that he thinks I owe. He deducted that amount from court ordered child support. I thought that child support is to be paid in full and if I am delinquent in paying medical bills , he should pursue me in a different avenue. Is that correct?
Second, can I go to NC Child Support Agency to get them to go after him for not paying me in full the court ordered child support payment? Quite frankly , I would like the child support amount to be withdrawn from his pay check as I am quite sure that he will do this again.


He is obligated to pay the full amount of child support as outlined in the court order. I would contact the child support enforcement agency and start the process to collect the balance of what is owed. You can discuss the process of wage garnishment with the CSEA as well.