Not seen kids in 2 years


Child Support in North Carolina in most cases are determined by the income each of you make, therefore, her income would certainly be considered. Your bills would not initially be considered upon setting the support amount. If you had a hearing to determine the support/modification, you might attempt to demonstrate your inability to increase your support by showing where your money is going. You should be getting credit for paying the insurance premiums as well. The fact that you have not seen your children, while very sad, would not be a factor in the amount of support awarded to her. Good luck.

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me and my x have been divorced for 2 years now . when we got divorced we had a uncontested divorce. we drawed up pappers for me to pay child support i was to pay 50.00 ever 2 weeks. the reason for this was because she mad 3 times more money than me . she stated that she didnt need no help but i was going to pay somthing. so i signed it

well after that she moved my kids to another state 800 miles away from me. i havent seen my kids in 2 years now . she has increased the child support from 50.00 ever two weeks to 80.00 ever two weeks so i said okay.

i also carry the kids on my insurace that cost me 80.00 a check ever 2 weeks

she has remarried they have 3 cars to my 1 thats paid for and is a peace of crap.i keep it because i cant afford a car payment and its not a good enough car to take on a trip to see my kids

she pays less of a house payment than me and makes alot of money

she said she is going to take me to court to try and get more from me i wanted to know can she do that and would a judge conciter my bills i have to pay as well .
i dont want to have to loose my home because i cant pay for it.