Not sure what to do


About two months ago my husband informed me he was no longer happy and was thinking of leaving, he has now confirmed that he is leaving this friday. He will be moving to another state and has said that he will give me money for bills etc. All of our loans are joint, mortage, car etc… He seems as though he’s trying to be fair, but I know I need to protect myself. How do I know what is fair and can he financial “stuff” be worked out after he leaves?


You should have a separation agreement drawn up that clearly outlines the division of property, responsibility for debts, division of property, and support issues.

I have seen many folks who accept their spouse’s verbal agreement to be fair and contribute to joint debts end up paying in the end.

A separation agreement need not be drafted before your husband leaves, and can be discussed and negotiated even if he is in another state. If he truly intends to be fair, he should have no issue signing a contract that allows you to enforce his promises.