Not sure what to think, getting conflicting stories here!

a while back, nearly 2 years ago, my youngest daughter ‘fell’ and hit her head. the injury required 6 stitches. i did not see it happen, i was in another room at the time, but my husband was in the room when it happened. when my 2 older girls tell what happened, they always say that daddy kicked their little sister into the chair and that made her fall and hit her head. my husband, on the other hand, says our 2 older daughters don’t know what they saw, and are just trying to make it interesting. my 2 older girls are very adamant about what they saw, and i’ve asked them several times, tell mommy what happened when sissy got hurt? each time, it’s the same story, daddy kicked sissy in the back and it made her fall forward and hit her head on the chair and get the big cut. if i confront my husband with the girls’ story, he denies even remotely touching our youngest. i’m conflicted on what to believe. typically, in a situation like that, who is and who is not being honest?

I really can’t answer your question, but would suggest that a family therapist may be able to help you.