Notice of hearings

what is the correct method for 'notice of hearing’s to be sent to defendant in family law?

is it appropriate and reasonable for lawyers to email court orders to opposing party for review/editing and to expect timely response? what if one party doesnt have computer access?

in family law where a complaint has been made,and both parties attempted mediation and a parenting plan several months later but failed, then case went to court…does the plaintiff need to file a NEW complaint? i was told that any drafts of an order or the complaint were void if parenting plan was attempted.

for child support complaint filed over a year ago and has not yet been heard in court—computer records for wake county cse did NOT show any open complaints or court actions in any other county. i was able to proceed with my filing an aaplication for cs in wake county…but judge in another county hearing divorce and custody is claiming jurisdiction and ordering me to close my wake county case…

No, you don’t need to file a new Complaint. You need to file a Motion to Modify. Yes, lawyers can email court orders to opposing parties for review/editing. They can also mail this to you if you do not have access to the Internet. As for how long you have to respond, that depends upon your local county rules. In Wake County, it’s 10 days to respond. If you’ve already filed a child support complaint a year ago, presumably where you filed for custody, etc., then yes, you should dismiss the new one as you have a judge already assigned to hear the custody case. Child support and custody can be, and often are, heard together.