Obtaining medical records from play therapist

Am I entitled to obtaining medical records/ notes from my daughters play therapist?

My ex-wife and I both have joint custody.

The play therapist is telling me this:
Your ex-wife has the records of all of her appointment times from when she three. The only way any information about her session content (notes) is with a judges court order and even then those notes would go straight to the judge for the necessary purpose. Please refer the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics Section B: Confidentiality and Privacy.
Thank you so much,

Assuming there are no provisions to the contrary in your custody court order or separation agreement, then you are entitled to obtain your daughter’s records from the therapist if your reason for obtaining the records is in your daughter’s best interest.

The therapist’s response is related to when there is a subpoena to produce the records or a court order to produce the records.

Thank you for your help!