Obtaining property from someone that ex is giving me!


I wrote this up once but it didn’t post. Hopefully this one will!
My and my ex sold our house to our previous neighbor/friend before we divorced. Neighbor agreed to pay ex a certain amount each month for the jetski and 4wheeler that is in my ex’s name. neighbor has paid nothing. Now ex is fed up and finally ready to give me the stuff so that our son can use it. Plus he knows that I have wanted it the whole time. Neighbor has said that he won’t give it back to me or ex. Said we left it there and it’s now his. Question is, I’m very willing to file a civil suit against neighbor to get prop back where it belongs. Can he just sign it over to me and me sue him or will he have to come from florida to do it?

Thank you for any assistance you can give me!


This forum is limited to issues of family law. I would suggest you contact an attorney who practices civil litigation for an answer to your question.