Order for Equitable Distribution of Assets?

I am getting divorced. I do not have an attorney and I cannot afford one. My STBX’s attorney has handled the Separation Agreement. Per the Separation Agreement, I am entitled to half of his 401K. I had a QDRO prepared several months ago, but I was not aware that an Order for Equitable Distribution of Assets had to be entered before the QDRO could be signed by the judge. My STBX is refusing to have his attorney enter the ED order. I am not receiving alimony. I am searching for full-time employment while working part-time in retail making $8 an hour. I cannot live on $8, much less afford an attorney. I desperately need to have the ED Order entered so I can get that money and start to get back on my feet. Do I have any options??? I have left messages for the Legal Aid office in Charlotte but have not gotten a response. I can’t get anyone to even talk to me without doing a consultation and I am beyond desperate. Thanks in advance.

File a Complaint for Equitable Distribution of Retirement benefits, and then submit the QDRO for the judge to sign.

How do I go about filing the complaint?

Take it to the clerk of civil district court in your county.

Do I need an attorney?

You do not have to have an attorney, but I recommend you do consult with one to help you ensure the documents are correct.