Out-of-state Divorce in the Military

I am an active duty military member stationed here in North Carolina. I am legally married from the state of California and have been legally separated since January 2004 from my wife when she filed for divorce. I reside in North Carolina now though the divorce was filed and started in the state of California. I am presently abiding by existing court orders set in California and paying childsupport/childcare. My wife is now dragging her feet and resisting by all means necessary to finalize this divorce that she petitioned for over 2 years ago. We have been physically separated since August of 2003 as well.

I am seeking any advice/assistance on how to pursue finalizing this divorce case as I have been residing in North Carolina since November of 2005. I am open to any meeting or conversing in any capacity to move this out-of-state divorce proceeding to closure. All issues of community property have been settled and nothing is contested in court at this time. I can provide copies of any documents/orders that you may need upon request. HELP!!!

James USMC