Parent Birthday Visit


What is the normal length of a child’s visit with a parent if that parent’s birthday falls on the other parents week-end?


Many court orders award the non custodial parent the weekend of their birthday, and some orders/agreements allow that parent the day of their birthday. Some court orders/ agreements do not address birthdays at all and the normal schedule applies, it really is done on a case by case basis


We don’t normally change around the schedule for any birthdays. The only time we change the schedule is for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Normally we will celebrate the child’s birthday or my husband’s birthday when we have the children with us, if we don’t happen to have them on that specific day. I think as Erin suggested, it would be a case by case basis. If their is a big party planned, then it may be in the child’s best interest to allow the child to spend several hours at that parent’s house. If there is nothing special planned, like a small family dinner, then that can be planned for a night when the child has regular visitations…

The biggest thing to remember is that things are going to have to change and the parents are still going to have to work together and compromise. The child shouldn’t have to miss out on any family event but it’s inevitable that they will…