Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)


How does one prove parental alienation syndrome (PAS) and can it be used in a custody hearing?


There is an excellent book that I read called divorce poison…it talks about PAS and signs to look for in your children. If you can prove any of the sign, symptoms etc. are being shown signs in your children you may have a case. I can tell you it is real, this book helped me identify the signs in my daughter and get help for her and also help to counteract some of the things my ex was doing to our daughter.


This theory has been discredited in some circles, and will certainly not, if proved, win your case. A judge will consider any and all evidence you present, however focusing on the child’s best interests as a whole, and why he or she will be better off with you should be your main focus.


What are the chances of winning a parental alienation case in NC? I’ve already had to obtain a court order in NY to prevent her from further interfering with my visitation and also have scores of documentation (e-mails from her, teachers, etc.).