Partial Hearing - Does Judge review prior testimony?


We had a partial hearing on Modification to Custody on 2/16, where my ex and his current wife testified, we ran out of time and the hearing was continued. Ex’s current wife was on the stand in the middle of cross-examinatin by my attorney. There wasn’t any other testimony.

The rest of the hearing was set for 3/13 and my ex got a continuance. The final hearing is now set for 6/5.

First, I am no pro se and wanted to be sure that the new wife is still on the stand being cross-examined when we return. Is this correct?

It has been months since the 2/16 hearing and I was curious, does the Judge have a transcript of the testimony and review it, does she review the recording of the hearing or does she review anything at all?


Yes, the trial will resume where it left off and you can resume your cross of his wife. The judge will have her notes, and should review them prior to trial.