Help-Hearing this Tuesday -need answer

  1. It is up to the judge. It will likely be somewhat different than it is now based on what the evidence tells the judge.

  2. It depends on the judge. That might happen or it might be delayed for later hearing.

You should be prepared to testify and to have any witnesses testify. This is your one shot and you want to use everything you have.

Good luck.

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I have an ex-parte 50B from my husband in October. I was given the no-contact order, custody of the house, and SOLE custody of the children, due to the domestic violence situation. The abuse was physical, verbal and emotional. The second hearing was continued twice until Dec. 12.
My question is that I do not know what to expect at that second hearing. This is what I know so far - that they will decide whether or not to continue the order for the entire year of separation.
BUT, what I do NOT know are the following:

  1. Will the ex-parte order remain exactly the SAME for the rest of the year?
  2. Will they change the sole custody to give him visitation or such?
    AND, if so, what do I need to bring to court on the hearing date to prvenet him from getting unsupervised visitation: evidence like documentation, witnesses, etc???
    OR, is this done at a later date at a separate hearing?

I just need to be prepared for this coming Tuesday, and so I need to know, whether I just need to show up on my own, or do I need to bring evidence have witnesses with me?

Thank you.